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Being a landlord can be an overwhelming task at times. You hold a lot of responsibility and tenants can be very hard to handle. If you're not in the know, your rights can be very unclear. We understand this and strive to provide landlords throughout Essex and East London with clear and effective help and advice, for a cost-effective price.

We've been in this industry for many years, and throughout that time, our team of specialists have helped many landlords with all sorts of issues such as problem tenants, breach of tenancy agreement issues and eviction issues. We do all this and more for a good price, and because of our efficiency and relationship-building skills, we've built a loyal customer base.

Tenants not paying rent?

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Breach of Tenancy Agreement Help

There are lots of potential issues that a landlord may have with their tenancy agreement. This could be having the wrong type of agreement, confusion over dates, or not having a tenancy agreement at all. Over the years we've seen it all, and we have developed the knowledge to provide you with practical advice that will clear up any confusion, and help you move forward in the future.

Our expert advisers will take the stress off your shoulders and relieve you of any worries you have about your current situation.

Eviction Advice

When evicting a tenant, it's crucial you follow the correct procedure. If you don't follow the procedure precisely, it can cause major issues when submitting your claim to court and it can even result in your claim being rejected. We'll make sure all your documentation is correct and in order, so your court claim goes through smoothly.

We provide extensive help to landlords throughout Essex and East London. If you would like to hear more about any of our services or you require help urgently, give us a call on 0845 888 6566.

Landlord checklist before action should be considered

  • Copy of all the tenancy agreements (all pages including the signed page) for your tenant whilst at this property or in the absence of a written agreement a breakdown of what the terms of the tenancy are (i.e. start date, original term, rent amount and frequency/date due)

  • Copy of any notices/letters already served in relation to date you requested them to leave and any proof of postage if applicable / service if applicable

  • Rent schedule (only if the tenant is in arrears)

  • Copy of the deposit protection certificate if applicable (or the email sent confirming registration) or letter/witness statement confirming the deposit has been returned in full to the tenant

  • Copy of any licenses required by the council such as for a House in Multiple Occupancy if applicable

Our Three Step Action Process