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Rogue landlord guilty of unlawfully evicting tenant

A rogue landlord has pleaded guilty to unlawfully evicting her tenant and has been sentenced to a community order. Mrs...

A LANDLORD is facing a bill of thousands of pounds after bad tenants left his property in a "disgusting" state and failed to pay 1,200 in rent. Read more: http://www.thisisgrimsby.co.uk/Landlord-s-fury-drugs-filth-left-bad-tenants/story-18182229-detail/

A LANDLORD is facing a bill of thousands of pounds after bad tenants left his property in a "disgusting" state and...

Council homes: changes to funding could help tenants

The Welsh and UK governments are discussing changes to the way money is spent on improving council housing. Currently...

Landlords Advice Line was set up to assist landlords and agents with problem tenants, tenants who are in rent arrears or just when possession of a property is required. We have a team of specialists to assist landlords through the eviction process. We are property tenancy experts with many years of property management experience. Our fees are low and we act for you, the landlord.
We understand and appreciate that at any time throughout a residential tenancy, extra stress and concern of no rent or a problem tenant can only add to landlords worries especially during the current economic climate.
The most important element in evicting a tenant is following the correct procedure. Even minor mistakes on court forms and tenants notices may cause a court claim to be rejected by the courts and cause unnecessary delay. The aim of our landlord advice services is to ensure accurate documentation is supported in order to gain a satisfactory conclusion to evict a tenant.
Once we have acquired the information relating to the problem tenancy we will then provide the landlord with the best course of action based on each particular case. We cover matters from an initial action letter up to the bailiff's warrant.
The way we work at Landlord advice line is to listen to our clients and provide the guidance and support on the quickest and most effective route for regaining possession of your property and freeing the capital you have invested in your property.

Landlord checklist before action should be considered

  • Copy of all the tenancy agreements (all pages including the signed page) for your tenant whilst at this property or in the absence of a written agreement a breakdown of what the terms of the tenancy are (i.e. start date, original term, rent amount and frequency/date due)
  • Copy of any notices/letters already served in relation to date you requested them to leave and any proof of postage if applicable / service if applicable
  • Rent schedule (only if the tenant is in arrears)
  • Copy of the deposit protection certificate if applicable (or the email sent confirming registration) or letter/witness statement confirming the deposit has been returned in full to the tenant
  • Copy of any licenses required by the council such as for a House in Multiple Occupancy if applicable

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