Evicting Non Paying Housing Benefit Tenants

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At Landlords Advice Line we act for many landlords who require the eviction of their non paying housing benefit tenant. Due to how the housing benefit system operates the local authority will not re house or assist the tenant until the landlord takes the matter through the correct legal system and gains a successful eviction.

When a landlord experiences a non paying housing benefit tenant they will need to take quick positive action in order to evict the tenant. We would advise that the first action step that a landlord should take as soon as possible is to inform the local authorities of any unpaid rent. In cases of a non paying housing benefit tenant not passing payment to their landlord, the local authority will investigate the matter. Once the case has been investigated the local authority can in some cases forward any future payments direct to the landlord or letting agent concerned. The local authority will not cover any payments missed by the tenant so it is important that a landlord takes quick action as soon as the account is in arrears.

In eviction cases involving a non paying housing benefit tenant we would strongly suggest that the legal route to be taken is the accelerated eviction possession route. This action will involve serving legal notice and applications to the local County Court for an eviction possession order. In the high majority of cases involving a non paying housing benefit tenant a County Court bailiff will also be required.

  • Landlord Checklist for eviction of non paying housing benefit tenant
  • Take quick and positive action as soon as non payment of rent commences
  • Inform the local authority of non payment of rent so investigations can begin
  • Start the correct legal action to evict the non paying housing benefit tenant
  • Ensure all relevant information & documents relating to the tenancy are in place
  • Be prepared to take the action all the way to the last step of action involving Court bailiffs

If you are a landlord that has a non paying housing benefit tenant and require quick and positive action to be taken please contact us to start action now.