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London housing crisis: survey finds private sector landlords are reducing housing benefit tenancies

On Wednesday he accused them of "creaming the system" and operating "a racket" by taking on claimant tenants at unreasonably high rents and letting the tax-payer pick up the bill. However, he went on, the government was providing him with "instruments to drive down their rents," by which he meant allowing more time before the measures took effect, permitting LHA to be paid directly to landlords, and providing funds to enable households deemed deserving to avoid immediately having to move somewhere cheaper.

But will landlords respond in the way proclaimed? A survey last December by Barking and Dagenham Council found those on its patch in buoyant mood: they anticipated a rise in demand for their properties from non-claimant households that would outweigh potential losses from LHA being reduced, because they wouldn't need claimant tenants in the first place. Read More:

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