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Thousands of council debts handed to bailiffs .

This places Basingstoke 166th in a list of 318 monitored councils. Hart District Council was at 309th with only 1,037 referred cases. Graham Hatcher, chief executive of Basingstoke Citizen Advice Bureau, said residents dealing with bailiffs was a common problem. He said: “Bailiffs are commonly used if you have council tax arrears or if you have a court judgment against you.

“They can also be used for unpaid fines, child support arrears, rent arrears, income tax arrears and parking penalties fines .The bailiffs almost always need a court order to take your goods away.” During 2009/10, Basingstoke CAB dealt with 4,369 inquiries from residents about unpaid debts, child support arrears and unpaid fines, which could all result in a bailiff being called. Read More:


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