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Questions and Answers

  • Question: What can I do in the future to prevent me from having to pay for eviction costs when a tenant is in rent arrears?
  • Answer: At Landlords Advice Line we offer the option of a landlord rent insurance backed guarantee for any possible rent arrear problems. Click here to see detail on Landlords Insurance quotations
  • Question: If I have no money to cover eviction fees, what can I do?
  • Answer: Landlords who have not got immediate access to the fees in order to carry out the eviction process can take the option of our exclusive 'Act Now, Pay Later Service'. Click here for more information
  • Question: If I have already served my own notice to the tenant would Landlords Advice Line still take over the case?
  • Answer: Yes. Landlords Advice Line can take over the matter. However, we would require all documents and correspondence relating to the tenancy in order to action the case further.
  • Question: If I haven't registered the deposit can this cause a problem?
  • Answer: This could potentially cause a problem with regards to evicting a tenant. However, please contact us to discuss this issue further.
  • Question: If I have lost a sum of rent do I receive any amount back?
  • Answer: Depending on individual cases, normally the tenant will receive a County Court Judgement (CCJ) for the monies owed. This does not mean that the landlord will receive any payment from the tenant. However, if the tenant wishes to obtain any future credit, loan or mortgage etc. then payments will have to be made to clear their debts.
  • Question: How quickly can I get my property back?
  • Answer: The time frame to evict a tenant depends on the route required to regain possession and how busy the County Court is. As a guide we would anticipate between 12-14 weeks from the point of issuing notice to the tenant, to bailiffs warrant action. This obviously can not be guaranteed as other factors may affect this, but we would of course carry out the instructions as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Question: Do I have to be present in court?
  • Answer: In some cases this may be necessary and sometimes can be helpful if further information is required at the time of the case.
  • Question: Are there any hidden costs?
  • Answer: In some cases should the tenant defend his or her case and a second court hearing is required then further costs will be incurred. However, this is discussed at the time and agreed with the landlord before any further action is carried out.

    Due to the complex nature of tenancy agreements, eviction fees may vary depending on what course of action is required. This will be discussed during the initial enquiry and once the detailed information we require has been provided.

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